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The Great India Place in Noida was created and designed to providea whole new shopping experience to the customers who come here. The Great India Place hasstores of all big brands including Shopper’s Stop, Pantaloons and Globus. International brands including Adidas, Guess,Nike,etc. can also be found here. The Great India Place Noida alsohas the supermarket Big Bazaar that is ideal for dailyneedsof grocery items and household article. Lifestyle Home and Home Town providevarious items for interior decoration in the house at comparatively affordable prices. They also provide a sense of completeness for your shopping experience done at Great India Place Noida.

Entertainment and food provide a sense of completeness to a shopping mall. Ad labs Big Cinemas provide a complete entertainment package at Great India Place Noida with six theatres. It also has an Ebony Lounge which is a special theatre having luxurious reclining chairs with personalized staff. Big Cinemas can accommodate a total of 1200 people at the Great India Place. A massiveportion of the 180,000 sq. ft. of Great India Place Noida hasrestaurants and food courts. Delicious cuisines and dishes from all over of the world canbe tasted in Great India Place. Also available are a variety of drinks and beverages. Masakali, Kebab Company, Republic of China, Crazy Noodles, Pind Baluchi, Hooked on Pasta and SagarRatnaare only some of the restaurants in food courts which serve you in Great India Place Noida. Reverb Bar and Lounge is an ideal place for people who are addicted to partying hard to break free after a day with hard work. Summarizing it, Great India Place Noida has something for everyone.

Worlds of Wonder- GIP Noida

Worlds of Wonder Amusement Park are among the largest amusement parks of Asia. It is situated in Noida and is divided into two sections, La Fiesta and Road Show and hasmany attractions:

Road Show

Road show is a combination of rides, entertainment and music. This part of the park has not beencreated for the faint hearted. Each ride givesa rush of adrenaline and thrill goesto a new level. Each ride herecomplieswith the highest safety standards.

Download Ride

The ride gives one an experience to feelthe gravity. It first lifts one to a height of 25 meters to give a bird’s eye view of the complete area around the Great India Place and the Worlds of Wonder Amusement Park. The view will be awestruck and within seconds it descendsgiving experiencing the rush of gravity.The same The same is repeated four times across a span of two minutes. This ride turns out to be among the best rides of the park.

Mega Disco

Gone are days of the old Columbus ride. This ride makes a combination of a pendulum and circular movements in one go. It gives the feelingofgetting stuck in a whirl pool. One can feel the wind on the face with spread out arms to experience this adrenaline rushing and thrilling ride.

La Fiesta

La Fiesta zone is for the family and kids in worlds of wonder. It sprawlson an area of 4 acres.The area is completely assigned for a family experience. Kids can enjoy their time here at La Fiesta by spending some time on the swan boatsorriding on a mini train.

Mini Jet

This ride provides time to toddlers for having some fun. All they have to do is tohop in the mini jet andit takes off and lands in circular motions. The toddlers can also sit with their parents to touch the sky

Space shot

This is a small version of the Download Ride. It will take the kiddies up to a moderate height. Then will follow a thrilling vertical decent which has a series of bounces to bring them back to the ground.The expression on the kid’s face while holding onto the ride while experiencing the weightlessness is exceptional.